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About InnoMed

Need driven innovation in health and care.

Who are we?
InnoMed is a national competence network for needs-driven innovation in the health care sector. The network is firmly anchored in the health and care sector.

Owner and principal
InnoMed is established by the Norwegian Directorate of Health on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Care Services. From January 1 2019, The Regional Health Authorities, under the leadership of The Central Norway Regional Health Authority, are responsible for the activities of InnoMed.

InnoMed’s vision
InnoMed's vision is health-based value creation for the benefit of patients and society.

InnoMed’s purpose
Our goal is to contribute to increased efficiency and quality in the health and care sector through the development of new products and services. These are based on national needs and have international market opportunities. The solutions are developed in close collaboration between users in the health and care sector, Norwegian companies, reputable specialists and funding agencies.

The activity of InnoMed is funded by the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

InnoMed’s main activities
Our activity includes both the municipal and specialist health services and is aimed at three main tasks in the innovation process:

- Stimulation and anchoring of the concept of needs-driven innovation processes in the health sector.

- Identification of areas with potential for new solutions through meeting places, preliminary studies and pilot projects in early stages and the start-up of new needs-driven development projects.

- Working towards becoming a competence network for needs-driven innovation in health care through the testing of methods, development of tools and skills, networking and knowledge dissemination.

Meeting places - an important tool for InnoMed
InnoMed establishes different types of meeting places for health care professionals, R & D environments, companies and funding agencies with the aim of anchoring, stimulation, identification of needs and networking.

Need driven innovation

What is need driven innovation
Need driven innovation is all about identifiyng and understanding the known as well as the latent needs amongst the users and use this knowledge to develop new products, processes and organisational structures.

Major campanies within the care industry and ICT who is in front on the international innovation arena is characterized exactly by being good at identifying latent user needs. These companies have an innovation process which is more driven by user needs than it is technology driven. Their activities are founded in a deep understanding of user needs. The term user denotes here any kind of stakeholder related to the area of focus.

Transfered to the health care sector this comprises everything from government bodies, health care organisations, doctors, specialists and other professions to patients and relatives. This varied group of stakeholders is an important reason why the health care sector have specific requirements regarding the conduction of innovation projects. Methods otherwise used in other areas thusly cannot be adopted directly to use in the health care sector. Testing, evaluation and modification of methods and tools used for innovation is therefore necessary.

Three factors for succeeding with need driven innovation:

- Identifying unmet user needs

- See a market potential

- Find technology/companies that can meet the actual needs and see how technology can be used in new ways.


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